Business Excellence Practices

Value Creation for Clients

At times, organisations reach a stage in their life-cycle where they are unable to break into the next orbit of existence due to an absence of specific managerial capabilities or specific chronic business challenges. These business challenges could exist across the value chain or could be centred around particular domains within the value chain. We can provide an intensive experiential analysis of the problem, articulate the key pain areas and address the root cause and not just the superficial symptoms of the problem.

Management of Financial Architecture

In the modern market landscape, every business needs to balance multiple variables to ensure value creation for all the stakeholders. Many organisations aspire to float IPOs to leverage the magic of market capitalisation. At The FiRM, we hand-hold an organisation through the often confusing maze of finance, enable them to get ready in their IPO journey and also help PE firms get their promised value by assisting with financial management in the invested companies. We have capabilities to provide outstanding advice on debt restructuring, debt optimisation solutions, cash-flow planning, matching outflows to possible inflows and risk mitigating business strategies.

Organization Transformation

Agility is the name of the game in times of high-paced evolution. Organisations require flexibility to adapt to the market changes, leadership that is comfortable with ambiguity that often accompanies constant change and a culture that supports the ever-shifting new ways of thinking and behaviour. We enable organisations to move away from obsolete and rigid ways of thinking to embrace the modern and fluid style of working strategically and systematically.

Track 2 Advisory Services

Great business decisions are impossible to make in the absence of objective and unbiased data. Many a time while gathering, analysing and presenting data internal teams tend to operate out of a linear sensitivity they develop with leaders over a prolonged professional association. Track 2 Advisory is a FiRM offering where we independently evaluate and present data, counsel on new business opportunities to help leaders with an unbiased perspective to facilitate better decision-making.

Next Generation Processes

Big Data, Blockchain, Customer Happiness are buzzwords in the business landscape which are touted to bring a disruptive change in the way business is conducted. The question is that are organisations equipped to predict and ride the wave of this change? We step in to facilitate enterprises anticipate these disruptive changes in their industry and equip them today with processes, systems and talent that they will need in 2025 to lead the markets and continue to command the value for their business offerings.

Interim Management

Achieving outstanding business results and path-breaking new goals require the combination of a winning strategy and right talent. Sometimes an organisation may lack the talent capabilities to reach their ambitious goals. Hiring and onboarding a brand new team with the right mix of people could delay the goal-achievement by a year or more. In such scenarios, we provide the service of interim management where we deploy the best of our talent to the client business to keep the wheels moving towards business goals. In this transitional period, we could also support the client in their search for key executives, their onboarding processes, hand-holding them through the initial phase of operations and finally passing on the baton when they are ready to run by themselves. A strategy like this enables the clients to move towards business goals while parallelly building permanent capabilities to keep the organisation moving in the right direction