Why Us


Partner Time

Our partners believe in taking personal accountability to drive results for each of the projects that we are on-boarded for. One partner dedicates at least two working days per week at the client location for every single project that we work on. We genuinely believe that the core value a partner adds is much beyond the generally accepted business development phase.

360° Solutions

Our expertise in different disciplines empowers us with capabilities to identify and analyse visible and invisible problems across the business value chain and provide practical solutions that will address those challenges to achieve the desired business results.

Execution Services

We are driven by partners who have helmed implementation of business solutions and large-scale transformations for 4 decades by each of the partners. Execution is therefore embedded in The FiRM’s DNA which is why merely consulting from the outside is not enough for us. We dive head-on into the battlefield with the client executing the solutions we propose, running the race alongside our clients, preparing them and eventually passing on the baton when they are ready to propel forward independent of us.

Pool of Subject Matter Experts

We have a consortium of subject matter experts across domains and industries who are pooled in on a full-time basis based on the project requirement. The goal is to leverage their perspective, experience and knowledge to get a better grasp of the client’s business, a clearer understanding of the challenges and a sharper focus on possible solutions.

Experience Backed Advice

Having led organisations across diverse sectors, the partners have seen all the peaks and troughs of a business cycle playing out for different industries. The advice they give is rooted in this business experience and not well-worded management theories and jargon.

Deployment of Resources at Client Office

At The FiRM we believe, that operating out of the client's office facilitates a better and more in-depth understanding of the client’s business and organisational culture that is nearly impossible to get through once a month scheduled visits. Hence a team of associates is deployed at the client office. The FiRM does not believe in distant analysis and prognosis but gets engaged in on-the-spot involvement.