Signature Programs

Strategic Aspirational Leadership for Transformation (SALT)

The historic markets have until now created effective managers. Some of them over a period of time have started mastering influencing skills to enhance their emotional connect with their teams. However, the future is not an extension of the past. Wanted are aspirational leaders on the breathing and working tracks of organisational life, who foster a mindfulness to inspire confidence through resilience, dispel apprehensions, resolve conflicts, foster engagement and build careers alongside creating value for their enterprise. The contents of the program are designed to hand-hold effective managers to become aspirational leaders of the future.

Design Ready Leadership

Leadership behavior is a critical element of success. However the way products, systems, processes and go-to strategies were designed for markets which were not digital and clients and customers who were not digitally soaked. To succeed in a changing paradigm, businesses need to get back on the drawing board and design anew. This program on “Design Thinking” is targeted to this leadership capability which will determine the future of the enterprise.

Equanimous Leadership for Adversity

Disruptive crisis are the breathing realities of organisations in dynamic markets. People eco systems and people confidence are immediate victims of adversity struck organisations. Leadership has to look at the new sunrise in the EAST...thus engage, act, speak and think differently. This program readies the leadership to rise along with the team above the cataclysmic effect of adversities and make the business sustain its value creation journey.

Influencing the Deal

A program focused to help the participants conceptualise the negotiating framework, understand appropriate strategies, to learn the effect of power play, practice creating a positive climate that helps the entire system along with all role bearers as winners..

Footsteps into Leadership (FSL)

A program designed for first-time leaders to facilitate expanding their perspective from that of an individual contributor to a leader by equipping them with essential skills to be effective in the new and demanding role of a leader.

Transforming Groups into Teams (G x T)

An intervention to transform groups of individuals loosely thrown to handle operating business challenges into a cohesive, synergy-led, high-performing team that consistently achieves business goals.

Remodelling Transformation

The 'fashion' of transformation is superficial. The body of transformation is ingrained deep into the culture of the enterprise and its systems, processes and programs that drive it. Everyone aspires to be a transformational leader but only a few are trained to systematically lead it. This offering focuses on Re-architecting the structure, Re-designing the processes, Re-programming the systems and Re-vitalising its people through its leadership for the onward journey.

Positive Workplace Citizenship

Organisations are by themselves, in a way, independent countries. They have their own Constitution, their governance, hierarchy and power structure of its government and norms for citizenship. The net advantage of PWC is eliminating corporate Toxicity and substituting it with a Happiness Edge. This program focuses on enhancing productivity, overcoming anticipated and unanticipated challenges, including leadership cognition, fostering team camaraderie and embarking on the journey of Value Creation through the trust, engagement and Positive attitudes. Based on principles of positive psychology, the program helps influencing various constituents to create Positive value and enhance Net Happiness.

The FiRM has inbuilt capabilities to understand specific client needs and design suitable learning for large-scale organisation development and sustainable human resources interventions.