Programs to Sharpen Admirable Edge

Conflict Resolution

A program that teaches effective conflict resolution skills with the goal of achieving more harmonious working relationships and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

Communication in Adverse Times

A training initiative to enable leaders to communicate with clarity, decisiveness and authenticity in times of failure in a way that builds back faith, trust and confidence among all stakeholders.

Influencing Skills

A program to enable professionals to comprehend the dynamics of influencing people and equip them with tools and techniques to powerfully expand their sphere of influence.

Breakthrough Thinking

An effective intervention to equip leaders and organisations engage in divergent and innovative thinking to create exceptional business results in a dynamic market landscape.

Emotional Success

A development program that enables leaders to balance business orientation with the much-needed people orientation through refined emotional intelligence framework to be able to consistently retain and nurture good talent who in turn can drive the organisation towards outstanding business results.

Bad Habits of Effective Leaders

An intervention to familiarise leaders with sub-conscious behaviours demonstrated by them that undermine team morale, employee productivity and business outcomes thereby impacting their personal leadership brand as well as the organisations they lead.

Leadership Edge

A training intervention to enable leaders to evolve into mentors who invest time, energy, effort and opportunity in the growth and upward development of their team members. The program is to help leaders develop trust, confidence and authenticity with their teams that can ultimately propel the growth of individuals as well as organisations.

Investing in Human Capital

A powerful training program to create leadership mindsets that invest in the one-to-one development of talent by demonstrating awareness of the personal capabilities, needs, motivations and aspirations of the varied team players. It’s leadership that seeks to impact business results by influencing the development of human capital.

Driving execution through Strategy

A wholesome program that ties together multiple competencies to drive business results through effective and personalised team management, design-led thinking and fostering an environment of accountability, trust, experimentation and personnel growth.


A structured program to drive a culture of ownership and responsibility through demonstrative leadership particularly in times of crisis and failure.

Risk Management

Risks are part of life - business or otherwise. Risks are both good and bad. Risk management entails (i) identification; (ii) assessment; (iii) control; and (iv) review. Learn simple techniques to control and avoid bad risks and take advantage of the good ones. Case studies will make things lively and interactive.

Building Value based Governance

Many businesses are run with short term profit motive. Well governed enterprises have depicted longevity and long-term value creation. Ethics are sacrificed and accounts are doctored in many enterprises. How to avoid and control corporate cheating? What are the key tools to improve governance? Case studies will make things lively and interactive.

The FiRM has inbuilt capabilities to understand specific client needs and design suitable learning for large-scale organisation development and sustainable human resources interventions.